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Privacy Policy

Date of entry into force: Friday 25 May 2018

1- General information
2- What “Personal Data” collects
3- Why archives Personal Data?
4- How does process “Personal Data”?
5- shares the “Personal data”?
7- International transfers
8 – What use does of cookies and tracking technologies?
9- Which privacy options are available to the User?
10- What are your rights?
11- How protects the “Personal Data” of the User
12- Can the children use the services?
13- What else is there to know?
14- Contact
15- Definitions

1. Introduction has drawn up this Privacy Policy to illustrate how the User’s Personal Data is collected, stored, processed, shared and transferred when the latter visits the Sites or uses the Services. This Privacy Statement applies to the User’s personal data when the latter visits the Sites or uses the Services, but does not concern websites or online services that are not owned by or are not controlled by scuolascilivigno .info, including the sites and services of other Users

For the avoidance of doubt, it should be noted that this Privacy Policy does not constitute a “framework contract” for the purposes of the EU Payment Services Directive (2007/64 / EC) or the implementation of this Directive in the European Economic Area. .

The Privacy Policy is designed to help the user to obtain information on the procedures to protect the privacy of and to explain to the User the privacy options available to him when using the Sites and Services.

For some of the terms used in the Privacy Notice a definition is provided. The meaning of the terms with initial capitalization is shown in the Definitions section.

The User can contact us for questions regarding the procedures to protect the privacy of not covered in this Privacy Policy.
2. What personal data does collect? collects the User’s Personal Data when the latter visits the Site or uses the Services, including:

Registration and use data: when the User registers to use the Services by creating an Account, collects the Personal Data necessary to offer the User the Services requested by him. Depending on the Services chosen, for online booking purposes on can ask the User to provide their name, address, telephone number and email address and their identification data. may ask the User to provide additional personal data based on the use of services.
Information on transactions and experience: when the User uses the Services or accesses the Sites, for example, to make purchases at the web portal, to send money, collects information on the transaction, as well as other information associated with the transaction, such as the amount sent or requested, the amount paid for products or services, user data, including information on payment methods used to complete the transaction, Device Information, Technical Data for Use and Geolocation information.
Participant Personal Data: when the User uses the Services or accesses the Sites, collects the Personal Data provided by the User on the other participants in the transaction.

Sending or requesting money: when the User sends money through the Services, collects personal data such as the name, address, telephone number and data relating to the financial account of the participant sending money. The necessary amount of Personal Data on a participant may vary depending on the Services used to send or request money.
Pay an invoice: if the User uses the Services to pay an invoice for someone else or if he asks another User to pay an invoice for him, collects from the User the Personal Data on the account holder, such as the name, address, telephone number, email address and account number of the invoice that you intend to pay or request to pay.

Personal data that the User chooses to provide to to obtain additional specific Services or Online Services: if the User requests or participates in an optional function of the Site or requires Advanced Services or other optional features, may collect information additional from the User. If the use of Personal Data differs from the uses disclosed in this Privacy Policy, will send a separate notice to the User at the time of the acquisition of such data.
Personal Data on the User if he makes transactions as an unregistered user: some limited Services are available without having to log into an Account or open one; these Services are also referred to as Transactions as an unregistered user. collects Personal Information, information on any payment instrument used to make a Transaction as an unregistered user, Device Information, Technical Usage Data, and Geolocation Information required to allow Transactions as an unregistered user. If the User is the owner of an account and chooses to make a transaction as an unregistered user, will collect information on the transaction in accordance with the operations of compliance and analysis of If the User is not an Account Holder and chooses to make a Transaction as an unregistered user, will collect and store all data provided and will use and share this information in accordance with this Privacy Policy.
Personal data about the User from third parties: receives information from third parties such as vendors, data providers and commercial information offices, where permitted by law.
Other data collected in connection with the use of by the User: may collect more information from or on the User when the latter communicates with, contact our support team customers or respond to a survey.
3. Why stores personal data? stores Personal Data in an identifiable format for the minimum period of time necessary for the fulfillment of legal or regulatory obligations and for its business purposes. may store Personal Data for longer periods than required by law, if it is in its own legitimate interest and if it is not prohibited by law. If the User Account is closed, may hide Personal Data and other information, but reserves the right to store such data and access it for as long as necessary to ensure compliance with applicable laws. will continue to use and disclose such Personal Information in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

Cookies have defined deadlines; unless the User visits our Sites or uses our Services within this period, cookies will be automatically disabled and the stored data will be deleted.

4. How does process personal data? may process the User’s Personal Data for a variety of reasons justified under data protection law in the European Economic Area (EEA) and in Switzerland.

To use the Sites and provide the Services, including:
start a payment, send money, pay an invoice
authenticate User access to an Account
communicate with the User regarding the Account, Sites, Services or
create a link between the User’s Account and a third-party platform
perform solvency checks and other financial checks, evaluate applications and compare data to verify accuracy
To manage risks and protect the Sites, the Services and the User from fraud, verifying the identity of the User and helping to detect and prevent fraud and abuse of the Sites or Services.
To comply with the obligations of and enforce the terms of the Sites and Services, as well as to comply with all applicable laws and regulations.
For the legitimate interests of, including:
enforce the terms of the Sites and Services;
manage daily business needs, such as monitoring and analysis; is
With the consent of the User, also for:
market products to the User, providing marketing material on products and online services of and on products and services of independent companies. could also process the personal data of the user to offer services or experiences of use of the site tailored, so that they coincide even more with those that believes are the interests of the User.
provide personalized services offered by on third-party websites and third-party online services. may use the User’s Personal Data and other data collected in accordance with this Privacy Policy to provide the User with a visualization, functionality or targeted offer on third-party sites. To provide these services online, may use cookies and other tracking technologies and / or collaborate with third parties, for example with advertising or analysis companies.
provide the User with options, features or specific offers for a given location, if the User chooses to share geolocation information through the Services. will use this data to improve the security of the Sites and Services and to provide Services based on the location, such as advertisements, search results and other personalized content.
To respond to requests, for example to contact the User about a question sent to the customer service team.

The User can revoke the consent free of charge at any time. For more information on how to proceed, please contact us at
5. does it share personal data? does not share personal data or other information about the User with third parties.

7. International transfers operations are supported by a network of computers, cloud servers and other infrastructure and data technologies, including, among others, third-party service providers.

The parts indicated above may be located in jurisdictions other than those of the User and outside the European Economic Area and Switzerland. These countries do not always offer a level of equivalent privacy protection. has taken specific measures to protect personal data on the basis of data protection laws of the European Economic Area. In particular, for transfers of “Personal Data” within the companies related to, relies on the “binding corporate regulations” approved by the supervisory authorities. .

If you make transactions with third parties outside the European Economic Area or Switzerland or if you connect the Service to platforms, such as social media, outside the European Economic Area or Switzerland, is to transfer the User’s Personal Data to such third parties in order to provide the User with the requested Service.

8. What use does of cookies and tracking technologies?

When the User visits a site, use the Services or visit a third party site to which provides online services,, its commercial partners and its sellers may use cookies and other tracking technologies (collectively , “Cookies”) to recognize their Users and to personalize the User’s online experiences, the Services used by the User and other online content and advertising, to measure the effectiveness of promotions and perform analyzes and to reduce risks, to prevent potential frauds and promote trust and security in relation to the sites and services. Some aspects and functions of the Sites and Services are available only through Cookies, therefore if the User decides to disable or refuse Cookies, the use of the Sites and Services may be limited or may not be allowed.

Do Not Track (DNT) is an optional browser setting that allows the User to set their own preferences for tracking advertisers and other third parties. does not respond to DNT signals.

9. Which privacy options are available to the User?

Regarding the privacy and communication procedures described in this Privacy Policy, the User can make choices. Many of the User’s choices could be explained when the User registers or uses a Service or as part of the use of a Site. The User can receive instructions and requests while browsing the Services.

Options related to Personal Data collected by
Personal data. The User may refuse to provide Personal Data when requested by, but in such case certain Services or all Services may not be available to the User.
Location and other device-level information. The device used to access the Sites or Services may collect information about the User, including information on geolocation and data on use by the User, which can then collect and use. For information on the User’s ability to limit the collection and use of this information, the settings available on the device can be used.
Options relating to the use of personal data by
Online tracking and personalized advertising. collaborates with partners and third party service providers to propose to the user advertising using advertising cookies and web beacons. The User can choose not to receive advertising cookies and web beacons of third parties, in which case the advertising of should not be targeted to the User. The User will continue to see the advertisement of on third party websites.
Choices related to account connections
If you authorize a connection to a third-party account or platform, such as a social media account, you may be able to manage your connection preferences from your account or from a third-party account or platform. Please refer to the privacy policy that governs the third party platform for more information on the available options.
Choices related to cookies
There may be options to manage your cookie preferences. For example, your browser or Internet device may allow you to delete, disable or block certain cookies or other tracking technologies. For more information, see the website. You may also choose to enable these options, but this may prevent you from using many of the features available on a Service or Site.
An option may be available that allows the User to choose whether or not to allow the use of cookies or other tracking technologies when using a Service or visiting a part of a Site. For example, the User may be asked if wants the Service or the Site to “store” some information about him; if so, will use cookies or other tracking technologies to the extent permitted by the User.
Options related to User registration and Account data
If the User has an Account, he / she can generally review and modify the Personal Data by logging in and updating the data directly or by contacting If you do not have an account or if you have any questions regarding your account data or other personal data, you can contact
Communication options
Communications, announcements and updates from
Information and other: the User will receive from all communications that the latter is required to send to users of their services, notifications that contain important information and other communications requested by the User to The User can not request not to receive such communications. However, it can change the medium and the format with which it receives these communications.

10. What are the rights of the User?

Subject to the limitations established by the laws of the European Economic Area, the User has certain rights in relation to his Personal Data. In particular, the User has the right to access, rectify, limit, oppose, delete and transfer data. To exercise these rights, the User can contact If the User wishes to send a request for access to all personal data that has on him, he / she must keep in mind that an identity document is required.

If the User has an Account for one of the Services, he can generally review and modify the Personal Data of the Account by accessing and updating the information directly.

11. How does protect the User’s Personal Data? adopts technical, physical and administrative security measures designed to ensure adequate protection of the User’s Personal Data from loss, misuse, unauthorized access, disclosure and alteration. These security measures include firewalls, data encryption, controls on physical access to data centers and access rights to information. Even if does its utmost to protect its systems and Services, the User is responsible for guaranteeing and maintaining the confidentiality of his / her password and the registration data of the Account / profile and to verify that the personal data that scuolascilivigno. info owns on the User itself are correct and current. is not responsible for the protection of personal data shared with third parties following a connection to the account authorized by the User.

12. Can children use the services?

The Sites and Services are not intended for minors. We do not knowingly collect data, including Personal Data, about children or other individuals who are not legally eligible to use our Sites and Services. If we learn that we have collected the personal data of a minor, we will immediately delete them, unless we are obliged by law to keep such data. The User is asked to contact us if he believes that has erroneously or involuntarily collected information on a minor
13. What else is there to know?

Changes to this Privacy Notice. may revise this Privacy Policy from time to time to adapt it to any changes to its activities, to the Sites or Services and to applicable laws. The updated Privacy Policy will become effective as of the date of entry into force published.

If the modified version includes a substantial change, will give a 30-day notice on the site Furthermore, can inform users of the change by email or other means.

14. Contact

The User can contact in case of questions or doubts regarding this Privacy Policy and additional notices or the way in which handles Personal Data. wants to make sure that users’ questions are addressed to the right department:

For questions about data

If the User is not satisfied with the way in which responds to his / her concerns, he / she has the right to lodge a complaint with the supervisory authorities for data protection in his / her own country.

The Data Protection Officer can be reached at (Italy) Livigno Ski School, Via Fontana 206 / a – Livigno (SO) – Italy.

15. Definitions
Account: a user account

Device data: data that can be collected automatically from any device. Such information may include, but not limited to, the type of device; the connections of the device; the name of the device; the IP address of the device; the information on the Web browser and the Internet connection that the device uses to access the Site and the Services; geolocation information; information about apps downloaded to the device and biometric data (for example Touch ID / fingerprint to verify the identity of the User).

Orientation data: these are data that indicate, with specific specificity, the position of the User through, for example, the latitude and longitude coordinates obtained through the triangulation of the GPS site or the Wi-Fi of the mobile phone.

Transaction as an Unregistered User: means the use of services without access and / or the creation of an account. indicates Ski School Livigno, Via Fontana 206 / a – Livigno (SO) – Italy And the affiliated or affiliated companies. In this Privacy Policy, often comes “us”, “us” or “our”, a second of the context.

Personal data: information that may be associated with an identified or direct or indirectly identifiable natural person. Personal data includes, but not limited to, the telephone number, email address, credit or debit card number, other financial data on the account, birth data and credentials issued by the authorities (number of the driving license, tax code, ID card number, passport number).

Procedure: any method or procedure adopted by to manage personal data of personal data, with or without the aid of automated processes, such as the collection, registration, organization, structuring, preservation, processing o modification, diffusion and transmission, diffusion or other form of making available, the comparison or the interconnection, the restriction, the destruction or the destruction of the “Personal Data”.

Services: any product, service, content, feature, technology or function and all sites, services and services offered by with an account or a Transaction as an Unregistered User.

Sites: websites, mobile apps, registered social media platforms or other online properties through which offers the services and on which has published this Privacy Policy or its link to it.

Technical data: the data collected by the telephone, computer or other devices by the user to access the Sites or Services. The technical data for use are the following: the websites and services in which the services are located, including the IP address, statistical data on how to use loading or displaying pages, the websites visited before visiting our sites and other data related to use and less collected through cookies.

User: a natural person who uses the Services or accesses the Sites and who has established a relationship with or who uses the Services as a buyer, including Transactions as an unregistered user.

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