Ski rental

Available for our customers, a ski equipment rental service complete with:

– Ski with Rackets
– Boots

N.B: At the time of collection, at a negligible price, it is possible to add insurance on the skis in case of cracking or breakage of the skis.

*Optional insurance
1 day 6€
3 days 13€
6 days 20€
over 6 days 3€

Extra price per day STANDARD SKIS: 8€ Skis, 3€ Boots
Extra price per day TOP SKIS: 10€ Skis, 3€ Boots


Standard skis: Basic skier; for relaxed skiing, very easy to handle, ride with little force
Superior skis: Intermediate skier; good stability, for those who want to improve their skiing technique
Top skis: Advanced skier; skis that offer performance and great feel
Child skis: ski height 1.30m